Friday, April 29, 2011


Okay, the colonoscopy wasn't too bad ;)

I got the test results back today and they removed a very small polyp and it was benign. Very good news!
I will put up with a little discomfort to keep myself  healthy anyday!

Trusting in JESUS...

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Colonoscopy... Me????

Today is the day before my scheduled Colonoscopy.

I dread this but I feel like it should be done! I want to keep myself as healthy as I can for my family and myself. :)

A lot has been happening in our family these past few months - things I didn't want say out loud or write about, but I think I am ready...

Last July my Mom, at age 71, my best friend in the whole world was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. 
My thoughts weren't the normal thoughts - How? Why? What will we do???

But instead, peace a peace only my Heavenly Father could bring!

My Parents are awesome, God-fearing, family loving people who are also Pastor's of our church! They have taught us, I have 3 sister's, to live a Holy life after Jesus, to seek Him in everything we do and depend on Him always!

When we found out my Mom had Cancer, she was very calm and unafraid. She simply said, "I'm not worried, God will use this for His glory."

A woman who taught me God is bigger than any mountain, all of my life, is an incredible woman who hasn't wavered in her Faith.

She has shown me that 'this is the way you live what you believe.

I have seen my precious mama drop in weight from her size 12 comfy Mimi (Grandma) type body to a size 4, 111 pounds weak and tired body, but strong in Spirit. 

Still giving God the Glory and carrying the Peace that passeth all understanding, never questioning why, but waiting patiently to see what God has in store for her.

Today is her last day of what has been 25 agonizing radiation and Chemo treatments.

Next step, Keep trusting in the Lord, and see the Oncologist in 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for listening!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Is On Its Way!

Despite the off and on again warm weather, Spring is coming! I love Springtime! It's refreshing, out with the old and in with the new! It's a time for many things around our house... Cleaning out closets, deep cleaning the house, inside and out (my kids would say ugghh!!), starting the downhill stride of our schoolyear, beach trips, picnics, bike rides and more!

What is your favorite thing about Spring??

Busy Busy Busy, that's me for what feels like the rest of this year! But an enjoyable Busy!

My daughter Sarah and I are starting a new venture of handmade creations, Sarah Bella Design, We will be opening a store at in a few months. She is so talented for her young age of 6, almost 7. It's definately in the genes!! hee hee

I am continuing to develop my website and adding inventory as time allows. :) at

My plans for this year also include finishing up some courses I'm taking in Fitness and Nutrition and then beginning my next school ambition in Graphic Design (My other passion).

 Leave a comment, sharing something you love about Spring or a new venture you are beginning, I would love to hear about it!!